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About the Unity Party

History of the Untity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004, the day after that year's Presidential election. The Unity Party began in an online discussion forum, and now has a membership in over 24 states.

The first Unity Party candidate was Eric Bodenstab, who declared in May of 2007 for Boulder, Colorado City Council. Soon afterwards, Party Chairman Bill Hammons then declared his own candidacy in November 2007, to replace outgoing Congressman Mark Udall in Colorado's 2nd Congressional District. Following the examples of both Eric Bodenstab and Bill Hammons, endurance patriot Terry Ronzio declared as the Unity Party's second Congressional candidate, out of Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District, running against John Murtha in 2008. The Unity Party has been officially recognized in the State of Colorado since July 2008, after Hammons successfully petitioned onto the ballot as a Unity Party candidate with 899 valid voter signatures.

The Unity Party didn't stop there. Sherman Reickart declared for Brant, New York Town Council with the party in 2009, Bill Hammons declared for Colorado's 2nd District again on June 22, 2009, Energy Drilling Consultant Levi Hancock declared as the first Unity Party candidate for Colorado Governor in September 2009, and Oilfield Drilling Engineer Mike Nelson declared as a Unity Party candidate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District in September 2009 as well. The Colorado candidates spoke at the party's first intraparty candidates forum at the Unity Party of Colorado's annual convention in Boulder on September 26, 2009.

Recently, Navy veteran and Pueblo, Colorado resident Ray Roman declared as the Unity Party's first United States Senate candidate on January 11, 2010, and the Unity Party continues to move forward in 2010.


Unity in Utah

On June 16th 2010 Bill Hammons and Kyle Moon met in South Jordan to set in motion plans to organize the Unity Party of America in Utah. For Bill the mission was to expand the party, for Kyle the choice was simple. He had been contemplating forming a new politcal party for several years after becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of representation of his principles and ideas in the two major parties. After meeting with Bill, Kyle had determined he had found a party which represented his principles and decided to move forward to organize the party in Utah.

Getting organized hasn't been much of a challenge; getting recognized as a politcal party by the State of Utah will be more of a challenge. By February 15, 2012 the Unity Party of Utah will need 2000 signatures of party members or those who intend to join the party.

"I am more than confident there are thousands of people, or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in Utah who will embrace the principles of the Unity Party if they will thoughtfully consider those principles" Kyle continued, "if we will make the effort to spread the word person by person we will achieve the goals of the party here in Utah."

The future of Unity in Utah will depend greatly on the people investigating the website. That would be you! Do something.

Join the Unity Party.

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