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The Unity Party of America is now in Utah. Bill Hammons the Unity Party Chairman recenty visited Utah to get the Political Organization started in the State. Bill spoke of creating greater fiscal accountability with a balanced budget ammendment, and ideas to create a long-term Social Security program. He also spoke of the need to protect the rights of individuals guaranteed by the Constitution, and to ensure that each individual is represented equally. His passion was evident of his desire for Washington to represent the people of Utah, and not for Washington to be a place where careers are made, and the people forgotten.

These are not radical ideas, nor is the Unity Party a radical party. It is a grassroots organization with common sense ideas and a determination to implement those ideas with hard work and cooperation. Utahan's are primed for the approach of the Untiy Party part of which is that both of the major polical parties have something good to offer and with a thoughtful approach we can take the best of both and make something even better.

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